Why ASA Certification?

Why is ASA-certification Certification a student’s best option?

  • ASA has had a fully functioning, nationwide keelboat program since 1983.
  • ASA standards are used by more than 250 participating schools throughout North America and the Caribbean representing about 90% of the viable, commercial sailing schools in the U.S. making it the undisputed standard for sailing education in the country.
  • ASA has certified more than 4000 professional sailing instructors from around the world.
  • ASA has certified over 200,000 students.
  • ASA credentials are recognized at schools and charter companies around the world.
  • ASA courses are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and the Nation Association of State Boating Law Administrators.
  • ASA established a comprehensive, national sailing school insurance program.
  • ASA textbooks have sold more copies than any other books of their kind and are published and distributed by some of the largest publishers in the world including Simon & Schuster, Norton and McGraw/Hill.
  • ASA textbooks are written by teachers, not journalists or famous racers.
  • ASA’s basic textbook, Sailing Made Easy, was selected by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary as its official Learn-to-Sail text, and it has won numerous awards.
  • ASA sponsors the prestigious ASA School of the Year Award. Santa Barbara Sailing Center received this award for years 2004 & 2005!
  • ASA sponsors the annual ASA Outstanding Educator Award to 12 instructors from around the country.
  • ASA maintains one of the most active sailing Web Sites in the world.

Philosophically ASA and its schools believe sailing is safe, fun and easy to learn. It’s only complicated and intense if those teaching it chooses to present it that way, we don’t.

ASA Sailing School Curriculums