Santa Barbara Sailing Center Stand-Up Paddling


As sailors, we love the sea and all the riches it brings, so of course we want to do our best to keep pollutants out of our playground! As a floating office, we play a more crucial role than most since the ocean is right at our doorstep.

A Debris Net is kept at each harbor marina, and it is satisfying to collect trash directly from the sea, knowing that each swoop of the net is saving sea life.

Green Boating Habits Sailors For The Sea has written a Green Boating Guide that gives insight into how to best maintain your boat, prevent pollution, reduce your impact, use eco friendly products, green your getaway, and protect wildlife! We want to implement these ideas into our business, too.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products We are implementing non toxic cleaning products.

Drought Prevention

Like our beloved sea water, fresh water is a precious resource that we cannot compromise.

The City of Santa Barbara gives free water audits, and we found that our water consumption was already very low! We improved our water consumption even more by replacing our outdoor shower head with a new, more efficient one.

 The Shower Head Exchange Program allows you to turn in your current shower head and get a more efficient one for free from the City of Santa Barbara. This saves you water and money on your water bill. You can save even more by setting up a free water check up. Check ups give you information about your irrigation system and help you solve any leak problems. Call the City of Santa Barbara at (805) 564-5460. More details here.