Sneak Peek- Going Green

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We became Green Business Certified in Spring 2016 and we are excited to share all of our achievements with you! The Green Business Certification requires that you work to “Prevent Pollution, Conserve Natural Resources, and Exceed Environmental Regulatory Requirements.” We encourage businesses and individuals to incorporate these changes too and invite you to treat this sneak peek as a how to guide!

Prevent Pollution

Our Change: Switching our soap to Molly’s Suds Laundry Detergent

You probably didn’t think it was possible to be ecstatic about a laundry detergent but we are about ours! Molly’s Suds Laundry Detergent was created in 2008 by Monica Leonard, a nurse & mom. Monica was moved by the loss of her daughter Molly to develop a natural laundry supply line. Check out their website for an inspiring story.

Conserve Natural Resources

Our Change: Focus on reducing and reusing

 We know that “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” are in that order for good reason. Recycling is the last resort because it uses a lot of resources so make sure you reduce and reuse resources first.  We are happy to say that we use less paper now simply by changing our habits. For example, we communicate with coworkers through email rather than post its and enable double sided printing any chance we get. Most importantly, we now purchase 100% Recycled & 80% Post Consumer Waste FSC certified office paper & paper towels. WOO! That was a mouthful…but all of the labels are important. You can learn more about the details on our new website tab focused on Environmental Efforts that will be coming soon!

Our Change: Water Efficient Shower Head

 We have a brand spankin’ new outdoor shower head courtesy of the City of Santa Barbara. You can get a new water efficient shower head too with the Showerhead Exchange program. Turn in your current shower head, trade it for a better one AND save money on your water bill. 

Save even more by setting up a free water check up. Check ups give you info about your irrigation system and help you solve any leak problems. Call the City of Santa Barbara at (805) 564-5460. More details here.

Our New Habit: Composting

Our beloved captain, Dan Collie, has a beautiful nature preserve right in his backyard. Dan’s preserve is full of homegrown food that is quenched by reclaimed water and fed by food scraps generated by the Santa Barbara Sailing Center staff. We are so delighted to close the loop and give back to our treasured community! Why does composting help? Without composting, our food scraps would go directly into the trash, eventually making their way to the Tajiguas landfill. Since the landfill has a lack of oxygen, the food scraps emit methane while they decompose. Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas and a large contributor to climate change. When food scraps are composted, they do not emit methane because they are reincorporated into the soil and the plants that the soil nourishes.

Interested in getting your business green certified? Check out Santa Barbara’s Green Business Program!

Stay tuned for more environmental updates!

Rachel Zook