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Luxury on the Water

If you’re looking for a truly amazing and luxurious on-the-water event, look no further than the Channel Cat. One of the most opulent vessels in Santa Barbara Harbor, this incredible 85-foot catamaran has everything you can imagine for the perfect wedding, party, sunset cruise or corporate event.

You simply have to see this luxurious sailing catamaran to believe it. Enjoy unsurpassed handcrafted details, three levels, 3000 square feet of space, a full bar, library, media room and so much more.

For an incredible experience for up to 149 people, charter the Channel Cat and watch your guests soak up the luxury and views surrounding them.

Brief History of the Channel Cat

Taken from A Cat’s Tale, by Linda Mears

King Williams, a local Santa Barbara lobster fisherman, was unloading his catch one day when two onlookers started a conversation with him. After some back-and-forth banter, one of the men asked the seaman what he would do if he could do anything in the world he wanted. Without a second’s hesitation, Williams said he would build himself the biggest, best catamaran he could and sail off in to the sunset, never to return. “Why a catamaran?” asked one of the men. “They’re smooth sailing, hard to capsize and fast,” Williams answered. One of the men then asked, “Can you build that kind of catamaran for me?” Still thinking the dialog was nothing more or less than banter among boat lovers, Williams said, “Sure. Why not?” At that point Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman, introduced himself and his friend and colleague Warren Buffett.

As it turns out, Charlie Munger wasn’t kidding and soon King Williams was off to Florida, a virtual boat building beehive, to set up shop for what would become a three year labor of love, sweat and tears, which employed 46 people, all of them full-time. From the initial drawings, done on cocktail napkins to the custom-etched glass panels in the salon, to the the the ultra-dense carpet from England, Munger was involved in the design.

Although the Mungers, who live in Los Angeles, come to Santa Barbara frequently, they use the Channel Cat for family and friends judiciously so the Channel Cat is available for 200 charter events a year, with the stipulation that some of those charters must be for charities identified by Charlie Munger,
most of which benefit the community.

So in the end, King Williams got his dream catamaran and sailed right back into the harbor from which the dream was hatched, only a slight alteration from the original fantasy in which he sailed away forever. And Charlie Munger, the captain’s genie, benefactor extraordinaire? Is he happy at the outcome of the story? “He told me when it was finished that I was like Leonardo Da Vinci,” recalls Williams.
“All I could say was ‘Thanks for giving me the paint.’

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To Charter the Channel Cat

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