Sailing Center Policies

Payment & Reservation Policy:

100% non-refundable payment is due at the time of booking. We accept all major debit/credit cards. We do not accept cash. Special rates apply July 4th.

Cancellation and House Credit Policies:

To receive house credit, advanced notice must be given by 4pm the day prior to your booking for the following:

  • Private Double Dolphin Cruises
  • Private Skippered Charters
  • Prepaid Full Day Rentals
  • Non-ASA Certification Courses (Introductory/Refresher lessons) and Guided SUP/Kayak Tours.

A 7-day advanced notice for house credit is required for the following:

  • Corporate Regattas
  • Chef on the Water Cruises
  • Liveaboard Instructional Vacations
  • Multi-Day Skippered Charters

Full refunds for your private cruise are when the Captain and/or Manager make the call for cancellation one hour prior to your private trip departure. Inclement weather is defined as “sea and wind conditions that are deemed potentially unsafe.” Unfavorable conditions that do not pose any risk to boat safety (rain, fog, temperature, etc.) will still operate as scheduled. Cancellations made under “unfavorable conditions” by 4pm the day prior to booking will result in a house credit with no expiration date.

Cannabis Policy:

Although California State Law currently allows prescription cannabis to be legal, it is not legal while boating since the ocean is considered Federal Waters. All illegal drugs, as well as all forms of cannabis are not permitted on any boat for any reason or in any amount. The Charterer/Renter will be liable for the full value of the vessel, should anything happen to the boat, as well as loss of income.

Alcohol Policy:

Hard alcohol is not permitted aboard the Double Dolphin. Wine can be brought aboard the Double Dolphin for private charters; each bottle is subject to an $18 corkage fee. Beer (keg only) can be brought aboard private charters for a $150 fee.

Hard alcohol, beer, and wine are all permitted aboard Private Skippered Charters at no fee.

Capacity Policy:

Infants count as a full passenger according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Powerboats have both a passenger capacity and a total weight capacity and it is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the boat is not overloaded.

Kayak/SUP Policy:

Everyone participating in a paddle activity must be a strong swimmer. Please see website for total weight capacity. It is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the boat is not overloaded.

Catering Order Policy:

All catering orders are 100% non-refundable and must be placed at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled event. Catering orders cannot be modified, cancelled, or credited within 72 hours of the charter. In the event the charter is cancelled or rescheduled within this 72-hour window, the catering order will not be cancelled or rescheduled and may be picked up from the Sailing Center at the time the charter was originally scheduled.