Sailing Center Policies

All prices are subject to a 12% Port Tax.

Scheduling Procedures at SBSC:

As you may have noticed, our sailing school does not currently post a calendar of available class dates on our web site. This is because when scheduling classes at our facility, we can usually accommodate your desired dates most of the time. When finalizing your sailing school agenda, the School Director will work closely with you to make sure that the program fits within your “window of time”, specific dates or general availability.


100% of the total charter, non-refundable and due day of reservation is made.

Reservations for Double Dolphin Cruises:

100% non-refundable payment is due at time of booking.

Double Dolphin Public Cruise Cancellation Policy:

Double Dolphin public cruises may be cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. All cancellations are up to the discretion of the onsite manager.

Small Boat Rental Policies:

All boats return to docks for CHECK-IN by 5:30pm PDT / 4:30pm PST.
SBSC accepts only full day reservations for small boat rentals.
Public: 100% of the total rental, non-refundable and due the day rental reservation is made.
Member: 50% of the total rental, non-refundable and due the day rental reservation is made. Member rental balance due 30 days prior to boarding.
Change of Date:
For the J-24′, Boston Whaler 13′ (25 HP), Boston Whaler 17′ (150 HP), Boston Whaler 19′ (225 HP) and Bluewater Breeze: Rental date is changeable with $50 fee.
For all other small boats, you can you change your rental date for no penalty fee.
Public: 100% of the charter or refer to change of date policy.
Member: 50% of the charter until 30 days prior to rental date or refer to change of date policy.
SBSC reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or delay rentals for inclement weather at discretion of on-site manager.

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center’s Sailing School Cancellation Policy:

By submitting your 100% non-refundable payment, you recognize The Sailing School’s Cancellation Policy: Cancellation results in 100% of class tuition forfeiture.

Change of Date Policy:

A change of date fee requires a $50.00 charge per person for all sailing classes, except for Liveaboard Instructional Vacation Programs, which constitutes a $100.00 charge per person. A change of date request must be made no less than 30 calendar days prior to your scheduled program, or you will forfeit your deposit (Unless the school director makes an exception given your reason).

Charter date and times are changeable with no fee, as long as there is no conflict with boat or captain for new desired dates and times.

Inclement Weather:

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center (Discretion of onsite manager) reserves the right to cancel (with refund) or postpone a charter or sailing instruction for inclement weather.

Santa Barbara Sailing Center’s Insurance Policy:

All students will pay a mandatory $5.00 fee for insurance. This will cover all damages and/or lost items that may occur during your lesson.

ASA Certification Fee for all ASA 101 students:

All ASA 101 graduates will have a mandatory one-time $49.00 certification fee. This will set you up in ASA’s certification database and happens to include the following:

  • 1 Year of ASA membership.
  • 1 Year subscription to Sailing Magazine.
  • 1 Year subscription to ASA’s American Sailing Journal.


School Tuition Costs do NOT include the following:

  • 12% Port Tax & 8% City Tax
  • Mandatory $5.00 Damage Insurance Fee per program.
  • Postage.
  • Gratuity (Customary if you enjoyed your lesson).  Generally given on the last day of a particular certification level.
  • During ASA 104, it is customary to make an extra portion of food for the instructor during meal times.
  • Sailing Made Easy Text Book (ASA 101) – $24.95 + tax.
  • Coastal Cruising Made Easy Text Book (ASA 103) – $27.95 + tax.
  • Cruising Fundamentals Text Book (ASA 104) – $19.95 + tax.
  • ASA Log Book: $9.95 + tax.
  • ASA Certification Fee for ASA 101 graduates only: $49.00.



We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, personal checks, traveler checks, money orders and cash.

All prices are subject to a 12% Waterfront City Tax.

Note: During the ASA 101 (Level 1, Basic Keelboat Sailing aboard a J-24′) portion of your program, we may be chartering the Catalina Yacht in which you are living on during the day. If you feel that you would not like us to use the Catalina Yacht while you are in your ASA 101 training, you may choose to pay the day sail rental fee, and the boat will not be chartered by us. You are welcome to store any valuables with us to lock up during this time.