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The Hope

“If every household in the United States replaced just one box of virgin fiber facial tissues  with 100% recycled ones, we could save 163,000 trees” (Natural Resources Defense Council). 

Our commitment

Office Paper Staples: 100% PCW* and FSC* paper from staples

Paper Towels 100% recycled, 80% PCW paper towels aboard the Double Dolphin bathrooms

Toilet Paper Sun Harvest Bath Tissue: 100% Recycled, 80% PCW, No Chlorine Bleach, No added Fragrances or Dyes.

Tissues  Marcal: 100% recycled, whitened without chemicals containing chlorine, no added dyes or fragrances

Double Sided Printing 50% of our paper is saved with a simple settings change to our printer

Paperless Notes & Bulletins Instead of the old school practice of passing notes on post-its, we now email each other bulletins and messages. We were delighted to find that this not only saves paper, but time as well!

How you can help

Use your consumer power! Here are some important labels and terms to know.

PWC “post consumer waste” is a label that ensures the product was made from material that has been used by a consumer, rather than a scrap off the factory floor. This makes sure that the loop is fully closed, and it is truly recycled from used material.

FSC “Forest Stewardship Council” is an organization that pushes paper companies to use the best practices possible when they harvest trees for paper. However, FSC has grown large and needs to be monitored, so make your best judgement when buying paper. (For example, it might be better to buy 100% recycled PCW paper than FSC paper that is virgin).

Ancient Forests host the most biodiversity and intricate habitats, so they are the most important to protect. Buying recycled paper and wood instead of virgin helps keep these forests from being destroyed.

Redwoods are used for buildings and fences, but one redwood hosts biodiversity of many species! These redwoods can grow to be thousands of years old, so simply replanting saplings will destroy the carefully crafted ecosystem and take centuries until full recovery.  Choose a sustainable wood option such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, or cork for your next home or office improvement.