Kid’s Camp: A Fresh New Take on a Classic Favorite

Santa Barbara Sailing Center Kid's Summer Camp
By: Rachel Zook, 2017 SUP & Kayak Camp Director

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center Kid’s Summer Camp has been a classic favorite for nearly 3 decades. We’ve been splashing, jumping, sailing & paddling for 30 years!

Our campers are full of natural awe and wonder, and we always look forward to their ability to restore that wonder to us adults, who easily forget how to be in awe of the world around us.

At the Sailing Center, the ocean is like home to us; giving us everything from a playground to the food we eat. The ocean inspires us to look deeper, because every time we do, we find that there is rich biodiversity underneath- more than we ever could have imagined! We seem to fall in love with the water all over again each summer through the eyes of our campers.

We have a fresh new Environmental Education Manual, so not only will your child be having a blast in the water, they will also be taking a deeper look at the ocean around them. We will be paddling near the bait dock to meet the Great Blue Heron, White Egret, Night Heron and Harbor Seals every day. We will be discovering the coastal processes necessary to create the ever-changing sandspit. We’ll be exploring the life-filled caverns of the Santa Barbara Pier. My favorite part is watching timid campers slowly but surely become comfortable in the ocean. I also love watching them go under a wave for the first time in their life, and watching their eyes light up with a newfound joy.

Our Goals:

  • A connection with nature for each camper
  • More comfort in and around the ocean; increased independence
  • Teamwork skills built through fun and games: able to work together and make group decisions
  • Campers will learn to identify harbor species including, but not limited to: The Great Blue Heron, the Night Egret, Snowy Egret, Least Tern, Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Stars, Nudibranch, Sea Slugs, Opal Eye Fishies, and even some Bat Rays!
    • We always hear bird calls, and sometimes we even come across bird tracks!
  • Renew or ignite a curiosity that compels campers to learn more and be fascinated by what previously seemed mundane.
  • Navigation skills for  Kayaking, SUPing, Sailing, and even some Surfing!
  • A greater appreciation for everything from Sea Lions to Barnacles, limpets, and sea stars
  • Challenge to go past comfort zone as well as highlight strengths