Instructional Packages FAQ

How does scheduling work? We are very flexible when scheduling a particular ASA level, and will create a program that adapts to your days off and general availability.

What if you don’t fill the class with four students? We will not cancel an ASA certification course due to low sign-ups. Once you’ve been sent an official confirmation letter, your program will run no matter how many students ended up enrolling.

Am I responsible for finding the other students in a particular ASA level? No, the school director is responsible for finding the other students in your class.

Do I receive sleep aboard accommodations? In most cases, sleep aboard accommodations are provided at no extra charge, assuming we have Catalina Yachts available at the time your program dates are set up. Summer weekends are the hardest time for us to provide this free perk. Please ask during your enrollment if we can guarantee this perk for you.

Can I do multiple certification courses in consecutive days? Yes, this is allowed.

How much studying is involved? We recommend reading and memorizing as much of the ASA text book prior to your first day of class.

Can I bring someone along that does not want to achieve certification? Yes, we have special “ride-along” fees for friends or family that would like to take part in an ASA class, but does not care about achieving the credential.

How does parking work? If you park in the Santa Barbara Harbor, please bring us your parking ticket so that we can validate it for $3.00 per 24 hours.

What is an average gratuity to give? Gratuities should be based on your overall experience with each instructor at a particular certification level. You can give cash directly to your instructor, or put the gratuity on a credit card with the front desk receptionist or manager in the office.

What happens if I don’t pass a given certification course? Our goal as a reputable school is to create competent sailors. In the event that you don’t pass, the school director can often times find ways to complete the course at no extra charge. You can also opt to re-take the course at a special rate, or pay for private instruction.

What is your cancellation policy? We have a strict no refund policy, however, in the case of an emergency there is an option for a nominal change of date fee. The school director determines this fee depending on how much lead time was given, as well as the nature of the emergency.

What happens in inclement weather? During ASA 101, we will usually re-schedule to another date. For all other ASA levels, inclement weather provides a great opportunity to further your sailing skills.

If we sign up for the couple (group of 2) of family (group of 4) options, how many frequent sailing hours, day sails on the 28’ and club membership initiations do we receive? Although you each receive your own set of study materials, you only receive one frequent sailing package, one day sail on the 28’ and one club membership initiation fee.

What happens if I sign up for a particular package now, but want to upgrade to another package later? We will let you do one upgrade only. Beyond that, you would have to pay the club member price for additional ASA levels.

When do I begin paying dues for my free club membership? $35.00 club membership dues will be charged on your last day of ASA 101. If your graduation date falls after the 15th of the month, your dues will begin on the first day of the following month but your membership will be activated immediately.

When can I use my free day sail on the Catalina 28′?   Your free day sail on the 28′ can be used Monday-Friday from Memorial Day to Labor Day and on any day of the week the rest of the year.  However, this can not be used on the 4th of July.