General Amenities and Guidelines

Charter Boat Amenities:

In addition to standard safety gear, instrumentation, etc., SBSC outfits each charter boat with a toolbox, first-aid kit, and an “Orientation Manual”. The galley is stocked with basic flatware, dishes, pots & pans. SBSC provides 1 new roll of toilet paper and 1 new roll of paper towels.
View the Galley Inventory for a complete list.

When preparing for your trip we strongly recommend you also include in your personal provisions:

Charts and navigation tools. (SBSC can supply for a fee. Reservations must be made 7 days prior to Charter start date.)
Extra paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue, & sponges
Rags/Towels (To keep interior floors & cockpit clean of sand and salt.)
Trash bags (For trash & dirty laundry)
Dish towels
Plastic wrap and/or zip lock baggies (For leftovers)
Tupperware Containers (For leftovers)
Clothes pins (To dry towels and clothing on lifelines)
Basic condiments
Coleman Camping Propane & Aluminum foil for the BBQ. NO BRICKETTES OR COALS. PROPANE ONLY.
Matches or lighter to light stove.
Bedding & Pillows (SBSC can supply for a fee. Reservations must be made 7 days prior to Charter start date.)
Towels (SBSC can supply for a fee. Reservations must be made 7 days prior to Charter start date.)
Motion sickness remedies.

Landing Permits:

If you wish to go ashore on Santa Cruz Island, you must have a landing permit. Apply for a landing permit here.

Navigation tools & charts:

#18720 (Available for purchase at SBSC)

RENT our Safety Packet:

Safety Packet includes 2 local charts, navigation tools, Cruising Guide, & 1 safety harness. $35.00

Cruising Guide:

(We recommend Brian Fagan’s “Cruising Guide to Central and Southern California”.) Available at SBSC.

RENT an outboard:

Please Contact Us.


Animals are not allowed on any SBSC yachts.

Fuel Charges:

SBSC charges $7.00 per engine hour for fuel. If you sail beyond Santa Cruz Island, additional charges may be applied.

Do not tow SBSC inflatable/dinghy:

SBSC Dinghies are to be lashed on deck while under way & are to be lashed on deck while at overnight anchorages. If policy violation is witnessed, charterer is charged $500.00 fee.

On Channel #16, Please Hail “Sailing Center” One Hour Before Return:

At oil rigs off Santa Barbara coast for docking instructions. Yachts vacated after the appropriate Return Time/Dockside Check-Out time will be assessed additional charges.

DO NOT stow fuel cans and outboards below or in any enclosed locker:

Ask for assistance if you plan on bringing fuel and/or an outboard.

DO NOT use metal coolers or metal storage containers of any kind:

Plastic is much kinder to the wood and fiberglass boat materials.

If you plan to SCUBA, we require that each diver sign a waiver prior to departure.

Directions to the Santa Barbara Sailing Center.


If your charter is less than 3 days, SBSC will validate your parking ticket and you will pay $3.00/day upon exit. If your charter is 3 days or more, SBSC will provide you with an Extended Parking Form to be faxed to the Waterfront Parking Department. You will pay $3.00/day upon exit.