Santa Barbara Sailing Center Stand-Up Paddling

Environmental Education

We are grateful to be nestled in the beautiful harbor of Santa Barbara, where we see a host of bird species, fish, seals, sea lions, sea stars & countless tiny critters like hermit crabs, barnacles & periwinkle snails. We love our home, and we want to share the beauty of it with all of our guests. Whether you are simply renting a kayak, or delving into Kid’s Camp, we want everyone to look below the surface.

Why do we care about Environmental Education?

“Kids who do play outside are less likely to get sick, to be stressed or become aggressive, and are more adaptable to life’s unpredictable turns,” says Richard Louv, author of Last Child In The Woods. Spending less quality time in nature impacts our ability to function well, creating behavioral problems and contributing to physical health problems. Time Magazine  highlights the importance of Nature Deficit Disorder, and how it can be combatted by simply playing more outdoors! Adults need nature too, so don’t starve yourself & get out there!

Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Tours

Adult excursions are a great way to get out on the water! Our tour guides have rich experience in the Santa Barbara Harbor, and are full of knowledge about Santa Barbara History, Harbor Geology, and of course our local marine life including everything from Fingernail Limpets to Great Blue Herons. Join us for an educational and refreshing Kayak or Stand Up Paddle Board Tour!


One of our kid’s camp Directors loves kids camp so much that she wrote us a manual for it! The purpose of this manual is to encourage and inspire each camper’s wondrous eye as we explore the ocean and all the critters that inhabit it. We love Ocean Scavenger hunts, where campers count how many crabs, sea stars, fish, and even barnacles & limpets they encounter! Activities that encourage each camper to develop responsibility, leadership, and team work abound as well.

Here is our most current Environmental Education Manual, give it a look!

Touch Tank & Resources

Touch Tank

Life springs up wherever it can find a hold! Inspired by our kids camper’s awe and wonder, we decided to install a simple milk crate into the side of our dock so that we can admire any critters that decide to make themselves comfortable in there. Our campers squeal when they see small crabs scuttle around, and are delighted to find new additions to the tapestry in the form of sea lettuce, kelp and barnacles.


We love the Ty Warner Sea Center, and the amazing library of trail guides & educational books they host, which we use for education. We also love Santa Barbara City College, and the great professors like Genny Anderson who taught Marine Biology there for years. She developed a website that displays our beautiful coastline so intricately, making it easy for anyone to study our coast.