ASA Certification Schedules

Group Classes

Attention:  Below is only a sampling of available dates in our ASA certification courses.

If these dates do not work for you, a manager will be happy to share other dates that are available OR is willing to create a course schedule that fits best with your availability.

Also, please check back often as this page is constantly being updated with new ASA classes.

ASA 101 (Level 1, Basic Keelboat Sailing)

Option # 1 (Note:  There will be a 4th date for 4 hours of practice sailing which hasn’t been determined)

November 28                    11:15am-5pm
December 5                       11:15am-5pm
December 12                     11:15am-5pm

Option # 2

November 29                    10am-4pm
November 30                    10am-4pm
December 1                        9am-5pm

Option # 3

December 8                      10am-4pm
December 9                      10am-4pm
December 10                     9am-5pm

Option # 4

December 10                    10am-4pm
December 16                    10am-4pm
December 17                     9am-5pm

ASA 103 (Level 2, Basic Coastal Cruising)

Option # 1

December 11                      5pm-8pm
December 12                      9am-5pm
December 13                      9am-5pm

Option # 2

February 20                      9am-5pm
February 21                      9am-5pm
February 22                      9am-5pm

ASA 104 (Level 3, Bareboat Chartering)

Option # 1

December 15                   5pm–8pm
December 16                   9am departure to Santa Cruz Island with overnight anchorage
December 17                   Return to SB Harbor by 5pm

Option # 2

January 29                       5pm–8pm
January 30                       9am departure to Santa Cruz Island with overnight anchorage
January 31                       Return to SB Harbor by 5pm

Option # 3

February 22                    5pm–8pm
February 23                    9am departure to Santa Cruz Island with overnight anchorage
February 24                    Return to SB Harbor by 5pm

ASA 105 (Level 4, Coastal Navigation)

This course is conducted privately.  After completing a workbook at home, you’ll need to schedule six hours in our classroom to do the written exam and private tutorial.  Although we call this “Level 4”, you can actually do this program without any prerequisite certifications.

ASA 106 (Level 5, Advanced Coastal Cruising)

Option # 1

January 3                         5pm–8pm
January 4                         9am departure to Santa Cruz Island with 3 overnight anchorages.
January 7                         Return to SB Harbor, class is usually done between 12pm-3pm