Dock Talk

Apr '17

Kid’s Camp: A Fresh New Take on a Classic Favorite

By: Rachel Zook, 2017 SUP & Kayak Camp Director The Santa Barbara Sailing Center Kid’s Summer Camp has been a classic favorite for nearly 3 decades. We’ve been splashing, jumping, sailing & paddling for 30 years! Our campers are full of natural awe and wonder, and we always look forward to their ability to restore… Keep Reading

Mar '17

Santa Barbara Sailing Center 50th Anniversary

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center was established in 1967 and is proud to announce 50 years of getting sailors out on the water daily and enjoying our Santa Barbara Channel. Owner, Skip Abed, has worked on the docks at the Santa Barbara Sailing Center for 25 years and has proudly owned the business for 17… Keep Reading

Mar '17

Santa Barbara Local Seafood

Post by Kim Selkoe, Executive Director of Commercial Fisherman of Santa Barbara What would Santa Barbara be without our vibrant harbor? Our working waterfront is one more way that Santa Barbara amazingly pulls off a timeless authenticity that is matched by few American coastal cities. You may not realize that our small but mighty fishing… Keep Reading

Mar '17

Whale Watching Seasons is Here!

It’s that time of year again where Santa Barbara welcomes one of its largest visitors. From November to December Gray Whales leave the Bering Sea to head down to the warm lagoons of Mexico where they will have their calves and then return north to feed. This 8,000-mile round trip is one of the longest migrations of… Keep Reading

Feb '17

Q & A With Captain Liz Clark

  Liz Clark’s dream of sailing around the world started at a young age. Growing up, she spent her time sailing & surfing Santa Barbara’s big blue backyard. In 2006, she set sail from Santa Barbara aboard her 40-foot boat, Swell. Before her voyage began she spent much of her time in the Santa Barbara Harbor preparing… Keep Reading

Jan '17

Heavy Weather Sailing

Top 5 Rules for Heavy Weather Sailing in Santa Barbara When in Doubt, Let it Out! Heeling too much or slipping sideways in light air? Try letting the mainsheet and jib sheets out. Use the Boom Vang Too much heeling or weather helm? Flatten the sail (take the shape out of it) by hardening up… Keep Reading

Jan '17

Sneak Peek- Going Green

We became Green Business Certified in Spring 2016 and we are excited to share all of our achievements with you! The Green Business Certification requires that you work to “Prevent Pollution, Conserve Natural Resources, and Exceed Environmental Regulatory Requirements.” We encourage businesses and individuals to incorporate these changes too and invite you to treat this sneak… Keep Reading

Dec '16

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! Have you checked everyone off your Christmas list yet? If you are looking for a little extra Holiday inspiration, we have got you covered. Here are our top 5 favorite nautical gifts to give this season: Gift Certificate for the friend that wants to do it all Sailing Lessons for the… Keep Reading

Nov '16

Set Sail to San Miguel Island

San Miguel Island, a U.S. Navy owned island operated by the National Park Service is the windward and westward most island in our 8 Channel Islands archipelago. The island gets battered by open ocean swells and relentless westerly winds most days of the year. I have voyaged to San Miguel many times during my sailing… Keep Reading

Nov '16

Setting Sails for the First Time

Setting sails for the first time.  You are told to sit in the captain’s seat and hold the tiller.  You immediately feel the power of command for the ship.  I was four years old and most of my childhood memories at that stage of my life are a blur.  But the day I was told,… Keep Reading